Paddy Power Wants You to “Spot the Stallions from the Mares” in its Transphobic Commercial

When many of us sprawl across the couch, remote in hand, we can expect to watch our favorite television shows without being barraged with mean-spirited commercials attacking our gender identities. But for transgender people, the attacks don’t stop –not even at home.

Paddy Power, an Irish betting company, recently released commercials in the UK asking viewers to “spot the stallions from the mares.” The stallions referred to transgender women, who were sprinkled through the crowd of “mares” at the Cheltenham festival.

According to an article from the Guardian, the company has already received a sea of complaints from upset customers. Nevertheless, it continues to regard the ad as “a bit of mild-mannered fun.”

In a statement released on its on its website, the LGBT Lib Dems Northern Ireland wrote, “To use the subject of transgender in such a degrading and mocking way is a clear cut case of transphobia…What is worse is that the advert appeared during Sky Sports very popular Soccer Saturday not just once but three times.”

Two years ago, the company found itself in a similar position over an ad starring a blind man kicking a cat. Can it get any more not cool?

Sign the petition urging Paddy Power to stop creating this type of content here.

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